Bad Players I Have Had To Kill, By Weston Prestage

As a Narrator/GM, when do you decide to kill a player?

Do you ever?

There comes a point in some Narrators’ careers when they have to decide “enough’s enough, this guy needs to DIE!”

The following article by Weston Prestage is about exactly that.

Aethercon Results!

Well folks, Aethercon is over, and it was a hectic few days of frantic virtual dice rolling, monster slaying and fast talking. We found it an exciting experience, and a great opportunity to get Immersion Studios (and particularly Immersion RPG) known to the broader public. The reaction we got from the sample games was quite

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Beta Test Version for Playtesters is out now!

                The Beta Test rulebook for playtesters is ready for release! Along with a shiny new logo from Ian Llanas. You can pick up a copy of the rulebook here: Immersion Playtesters Rules Please note that this is not a finished product yet and still has room for improvement. Any

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Interview with Oliver R. Shead

There is an interview with me in the Aethercon convention program!

Immersion Studios has new Artwork!

Check it out! William O’Brien has managed to get the latest images completed in time for Aethercon. And I think you’ll agree he’s done a magnificent job! These will be included in our new Beta Test rulebook, which will be available from tomorrow for anyone who wants to give our rules system a crack! You

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Register for Aethcon to Win!

As you may know, Immersion Studios is going to be running trial games at Aethercon in a couple of weeks time (November 16-18 for you Northern Hemisphere folks, and November 17-19 for us Southern Hemisphere chaps).

It’s an exciting event. The first online gaming convention that I’ve ever heard of, with heaps and heaps of your favourite Pen and Paper RPG’s.

What’s more, if you register with them now, you’ve got a chance to win free stuff!

“Real” Fantasy?

A Realistic Pen and Paper RPG?

Anyone familiar with the Immersion Universal RPG System will know we like keeping things realistic. Another word for it is gritty – or just plain brutal.
But why? What is the point of “realism” in fantasy?
By “fantasy” we don’t mean just swords, dragons and magic. Fantasy is by definition “the ability to imagine things which are not real,” and so is any imagined story or setting.
But with that definition, wouldn’t “reality” defeat the purpose of “fantasy?”
Not at all.